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Montag, den 17. März 2014 um 00:00 Uhr

Team-Training in Finale Ligure

What's a winter full of indoor training and never heading south for the real deal? Nothing! That's why we booked a shuttle ( and did timed runs for 7 days straight. To cut things short: strong coffee, dusty tracks, heavy sunburn and of course lots of classic Italian lifestyle. Just can't wait for October to come back and race the Enduro World Series.

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Rider: Max Leitsberger & Lukas Leitsberger


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Sonntag, den 02. März 2014 um 00:00 Uhr

It's Moto Time!

Finaly it's that time of the year again, were I get out my moto and BRAAAB in some laps on my favourite tracks. 67hps gets me that important grip strenght I will need on thoses EWS tracks. By the way thanks for those great shots M. Norman!


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Montag, den 20. Januar 2014 um 00:00 Uhr

Winter training started 10 weeks ago...

I'm currently in my 10th week of winter training and honestly never felt that fit in my life. 2013 was a huge learning curve for me. I never did 18 races in only one season. That was the most important part, getting in as many races as possible without getting injured. Learning from all those different experiences. 2014 awaits me with new bike, new team and more races! I'll keep you updated...


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Freitag, den 27. September 2013 um 00:00 Uhr

EWS Finale Ligure 2013

Being in Finale Ligure the first time can be quite tough. You just want to hang out on the sunny beach, relax and drink good cafe all day. But not this time because the Enduro World Series was in town. Seeing all the world’s fastest enduro riders come together and race the shit out of rocky/dusty finale tracks made me so stoked. But getting knocked out by a tree at 50k wasn't. That's what happened at stage 3. I started regretting doing all those extra shuttle runs last three days. When Sunday came my body felt pretty sore. I just lost too much time with my crash. So I finished my 2013 race season with two conservative runs finishing in disappointing 98th. I still enjoyed that race so much. The really good atmosphere and catching up one last time with all those characters I met over the season gave me a lot of motivation for the upcoming offseason training.


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Mittwoch, den 18. September 2013 um 00:00 Uhr

Ischgl Overmountain Challenge 2013

Bad weather came early this time of the year. The 3rd and last race in Austria this season was a hard one. Not only because of the snow and low temperatures but the track marking this time was especially f**ked up. So all the top guys went for the fastest most direct line down the hill. It's a shame that the race organization decided to DSQ me in 16th position. And that as the fastest Austrian at the European Enduro Championships! Don't get me wrong, cutting course should be penalized but I wasn't. There just weren't any track signs or tape. For 2014 I will learn all rulebooks there are to defend myself come next time.


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Sonntag, den 08. September 2013 um 00:00 Uhr

3 Länder Enduro - Nauders 2013

By far the best natural trails for a long time waited for me in Nauders, Tirol last weekend. It was the second race of the season taking place in Austria so expectations were high. The race started good for me with a 4th place at the prolog. At night the clouds/fog/wind came and it continued raining until i crossed the finish line in 9th position. At stage #1 a berm gave away left me crashing so i lost a lot of time there but that's racing...


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